all that i am


costume designer

We all could have said a million things. But it wouldn't have made a difference because he said nothing.


Vix needs absolution, Tugs needs a drink, and Titch still needs to be told.


 After their friend takes his own life, a group of disparate young people gathers together to write his eulogy; but when the night unravels, so too do their perceptions of him, and each other. As they dispute their right to grieve they begin to wonder who they all are now that he has gone; yet through the violent throws of competitive grief, they share a moment in time, which changes them forever.


 A new play by Daf James,


directed by Adele Thomas

Rachel O'Riordan dramaturg

In collaboration with Sherman Cymru


Set Designer Jessica Staton

Lighting Designer Sam Smith

Sound Designer Sam Jones

Photographs by Craig Sudgen


A Richard Burton Company production, RWCMD

 The Gate Theatre, London


March/April 2016

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