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change of plan

So I always said that my first cosplay was going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast but after watching Toy Story 4 at the weekend I've changed my mind and going with Bo Peep instead. I find it strange how quickly I've started this project considering how long it took my to do nothing to Belle. I think it's partly because I found a lot of Belle's costume overwhelming and not because I thought I lacked the skills but because I could never quite picture it in my head. If I do something then I want it to be perfect and I never saw me making a perfect Belle.

Again, I rarely post on here and again I'm going to try and make myself promise to post more. I'm not working at the moment so between applying to jobs I don't really have an excuse not post.

So I've actually begun the process of making my costume. First of all I needed to take up to date measurements. I've decided to wear the riding corset that I made at uni to give me that nipped in waist (I would have used my more traditional corset but it doesn't fit anymore), with a strapless bra. I took my measurements wearing said items so I can make the costume as close fitting as possible.

Next is padding up my mannequin. Luckily I'm not too conscious of my weight because when I got my mannequin to display a dress I made at uni, the dress fit perfectly. Now it need a couple of inches of padding everywhere plus a bit extra to pull in with the corset. I've put the corset and bra back on the mannequin to work on top of. I know it's not the most appropriate pattern but no-one will see it and I can always make a new one at a later date if needed.

I then draped my design on the stand. Now, when I say design I looked at pictures of the bodice online and doodled it. I wasn't planning to show it but now looking at the rather basic drawing they do make me smile. Making beautiful drawings isn't important to me, whats important is that I figure out where I want the seams to be and in one I've drawn an extra lines to suggest piping and placement of lace. I don't have any pictures of the actual draping process but once I was happy I finished off the pieces and took it off the stand to begin making a toile.

I'm not sure how much to go into the actual process of making the costume but so far I've got to cutting the pieces out of some fabric I bought way back. As you might be able to tell I'm also trying to find my style of photography and some of these photos will be going onto instagram as well.

That reminds me. Giving my own instagram page a shout out because so far I only have 20 followers and I'm not a fan of spamming my personal page to get friends to follow me. Some have but not because I've thrown it in their face which feels nice.

Right, I'm off to finish off a job application. Hopefully now I've found something that's sparked my interest I'll be on here more often.

K xx

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