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why would anybody start a blog when they're about to move house?? and my first project

Quite impractically I decided to write my first post right before moving house and before tidying up my website. I had a weekend to myself a couple of weeks ago so instead of doing the sensible thing and sorting what has become the unsorted boxes room (soon to become the craft room/ office) I updated my portfolio and decided on a design for the blog.

It's surprisingly hard to update a portfolio when you're not actually a designer. The portfolio website was a requirement at the very end of my uni course so it was easy to put on my current work and say 'I made that'. Since graduating though, the majority of my work has been as a costume trainee. In the coming months, I hope to write a blog post or two talking about my experiences on a production as no two experiences were the same. For now though, I've settled with a few images of costumes I had a hand in. whether it was a maker or dressing SAs.

I also want to share some projects I've already completed as well as some that I have half finished. In time I plan to make a full cosplay as I when to my first MCM Comic Con in May and the standard of the costumes was amazing and as a costume maker I want to not necessarily stand out but be as good as. My first cosplay was as Bart from 'Dirk Gently'. A fairly quick costume to make I bought the individual pieces from Primark before doing a big break down job. I absolutely love break down and with Bart I could just go crazy. In time I think that will be another post.

Anyway, new cosplay will be.... Belle from the live action version from Beauty and the Beast. Since uni, I have been far more interested in working class period dress than what you would see in museums so naturally I want to make her opening peasant dress. To be honest, if I make anymore Disney dresses, it'll be the peasant dress. I think what attracts me so much to this one is that it's in the era that I wrote my dissertation on so the social historical side interests me as well as just falling for the film in general. The colours and textiles are so vibrant that I just want to try a recreate it myself while also looking into the historical accuracy as I go and deciding whether I want to follow it. Unlike some cosplayers, following the exact costume doesn't bother me. If I find a cut more historically accurate but still keeps the essence of the costume I'd go with that. Likewise, if I have to alter it to suit me better then I'd go with that too.

Right, enough for now. It's late and I want to Pinterest some new ideas. Not sure why, but textile taxidermy has caught my eye at the moment. I think it reminds me of the puppets we made at uni without the complicated part of making them move.

Til next time,

K xx

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